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When I first saw the name “All Fine Girls” I thought to myself “ok, let’s see about that.” I started going through the videos and the pictures and I realized that they were not exaggerating, they were being accurate. Absolutely all of the girls are fine. More than fine I’d say. I found myself dealing with angelic creatures, even if it was only in appearance. I quickly identified two of my favorite girls, which are Anjelica (also known as Krystal Boyd) and Michelle H. I also saw other familiar faces (and bodies) and discovered a good number of new girls too.

There are other pretty prestigious sites that provide amazing photography and artistic porn, but they usually feature solo scenes or mild lesbian play. AllFineGirls.com, in my opinion, has everything that they have (including some of the models), but with the extra hardcore ingredient. The scenes are incredibly sensual and artistic, excellently directed and performed, and they maintain glamour and class while at the same time providing penetration and other wonderful niches like creampie, blowjob, and so on.

“The finer the girl, the better the sex” they say. Well, at least on their website I can’t say that’s not true. The sex scenes blew my mind. I found a collection of over 1,120 videos in stupendous image quality (up to 4K), and nearly 3,000 sets of photos. Multiple Zip sizes are available for downloading the picture galleries, and there is no download limit for the videos. So far, the cast counts with the participation of over 575 stunningly beautiful models, and there are new ones joining the team all the time. Up to 3 new scenes are added every single day!

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There is a scene that features a lovely redhead babe with pigtails. She’s wearing pink pantyhose and a loose tank top from where her tits pop out since she’s not wearing a bra under it. The guy squeezes both tits together with his hands, and places his mouth gently on each nipple, giving them a good gentle suck. He’s trying to enjoy every fraction of a second. He licks two of his fingers and sends them down reaching for her pussy, pushes them inside and kisses her in the mouth as she enjoys the penetration.

The babe gets on all fours and fondles her breasts in ecstasy while the guy eats her pussy and enjoys licking her butt. She gives his hard cock a proficient suck and then is fucked in different positions until the guy finally shoots his load inside of her pink pussy. I don’t know how they do it, but they manage to make every single scene just as arousing as the one I have just described. However, no description will ever do justice the scenes or the girls on All Fine Girls, so I invite you to visit and site and see it with your own eyes.

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